These are pre-paid debit cards that are already loaded. The difference between these and a regular CC is that there is no risk involved and they are meant for world wide use. The card won't ever get frozen and can be used just like a regular credit card/debit card.

US prepaid cards

Balance: $2500 (minimum) and up to $5000 Withdrawal limit : $500-$1500 daily ATM

EU prepaid cards

Balance: €2000 (minimum) and up to €4000 Withdrawal limit : €500-€1000 daily ATM

Paypal account

Balance: €1000 (minimum) and up to 20000€
Without withdrawal limit and as bonus, every account has connected credit card.

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Selling scammed US and EU credit cards

We are selling scammed cards from EU and US countries. If you give us some time (approx. 2 days), we can send you card from specific country. We You're probably thinking - these guys are crazy. Yes we are, that's the point.

Embossing anything on cards

Do you want to have VISA or Mastercard? No problem. Do you want to have specific bank card? No problem. Do you want to have Batman on your card? No problem, just send us picture of card you want.

Selling stolen PayPal accounts

Last year we expanded our offer by adding Paypal accounts to our portfolio. We do not have so many PP accounts as CC's, but we still can offer you the best service and account balance. As bonus, you will obtain login information to Paypal account mail.

Shipping to every country in few days

We have our co-workers all around the world. Your order will be sent within one hour of receipt of payment. Many services are asking for extra money, when you want to have your order in your home in 2 days. But we don't! It's included in price.

John D. Rockefeller:

"I have ways of making money that you know nothing of."

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Scam master


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Want to know more? | a little about us

We are group operating since 2010 in many European countries. A year ago we decided to expand our services to the Deep Web. We asked ourselves, why not to offer our services to people from another country, from another land or continent? And that's why we are here, many have fallen, many have risen again.

Contact us! | and order our products

You're probably wondering how you can contact us. Do not hesitate, contact us at

ask for things that interest you and order one of our products (you can even more). We will give you a discount on the amount of cards. Our prices start at 0.3btc the card. But we can make a deal, we all open to all ideas!

Want to see some feedback? | all messages was received in our mailbox, after we asked our customers about their opinion

Marian: I was little scaptic about ordering a card from these people. But they are just awsome! I have ordered my card at monday, i wanted card from Estonia, and i was wondered when it come!

LittleDoge: Very A+ material!

Margeliz: I ordered card with 2300$, they have send me card with 2500$ just for 0.35btc... I cant imagine world without them.

Ralph: I have though, that they scammed me, bcos the card didnt arrive on time. I was waitin for more about 6days, i have emailed them, and they didnt response. But after 7 days, the card has come, and as a bonus, there was also another card with 1k€ and apologize letter. They really care about their customers.

Mario: Karte für 140 € mit mehr als 3000 €. eine erstaunliche Sache, endlich konnte ich neue Kleidung zu kaufen. In zwei Tagen geliefert.

George: They have send me picture of my card, many confirmations from ATM (as they are withdrawing money from card) etc. These people are great...